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Successful Teams are Empathetic Teams

Empathy is often cited as the most important leadership skill in the workplace for good reason. Of most modern day business skills, Empathy is arguably the most important skill that needs to start from leaders in order to create a culture around it for the rest of the team.

It has been shown to lead to exponentially happier and more productive teams. Relationships, creativity/innovation, engagement and retention are all strongly linked to empathy. πŸ˜ŠπŸ“ˆ But most importantly – people are HAPPIER and more PRODUCTIVE. πŸ˜ŠπŸ“ˆ In today’s day and society, shouldn’t that really be the main goal for any team?

So the question is – ❓Why wouldn’t you practice empathy❓

Old School vs New School

There really is just not going back to the ‘old’ days when companies treated employees like cogs in a machine and ignored their mental health. It can be argued that we simply didn’t know better back then, but now we do. It’s time to act on it.

We are at the forefront of another revolution in the way we work. With remote work becoming more prevalent and things like 4 day workweeks being embraced, companies and leaders are starting to treat workers like the humans they are. 🀝

What is Empathy?

Empathy is a mammoth topic and can be explored in numerous ways. In our very own Empathy PLAYshop, we define it as:

  1. Learning through perspective taking (putting self in others shoes)
  2. Staying out of judgement (listening to understand)
  3. Recognizing Others Emotions
  4. Communicate Understanding (& be open to vulnerability)

Easier said then done for sure. But that’s why leaders need to lead by example and endorse the consistent practices of these skills. (If looking for some help to get started reach out!)

What it Boils Down To:

I think it boils down to this wonderful picture:

We simply need to remind ourselves that we are not machines. We are humans, full of emotions and full lives outside of work. Our best will look different each day. That pertains to everything in life, including work. So let’s treat each other with that insight and understanding. Including yourself!

Your Best

Give yourself the grace and recognition that your ‘best’ will differ depending on a million factors in your life. As long as you are doing your best given each day’s circumstances, that is all that should matter. πŸ’―

Lead by example with this notion. Be open and honest when things aren’t up to par. Ask for help. Admit mistakes. Be vulnerable. But most importantly cut yourself the same slack that you hope others will.

Everyone Else’s Best

Give the same recognition and understanding to others. It’s important to note that we aren’t talking about individuals who are disruptive, disgruntled or who are giving ‘no effort’ . Although they also deserve empathy, they probably aren’t on the right team.

No, we are talking about everyday humans trying to make a living in modern society, but that also have their humanity to grapple with. For them, we need to practice recognizing their emotions, understanding their perspectives, removing judgements & letting them know that they are not alone.


✨ Let’s keep progressing humanity. Start with your teams. Start with empathy✨

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