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Work Hard, Play HARDER!

NEW! Virtual Team Building Workshops:

With the unfortunate spread of COVID 19 around the world, organizations are quickly adapting to remote work plans and hosting virtual gatherings to help maintain communication, productivity, and team relationships.

FUNdamentals of Play has converted their unique, engaging, and interactive PLAYshops into virtual experiences. This will ensure we keep teams LEARNING, CONNECTING and PLAYING, even while apart! New: Holiday Recess PLAYshop!

Some Teams We Have Played With!

Fun, Creativity and Team Building

Looking for high impact, fun team building activities in Toronto? Look no further!

PLAYshops are fun and engaging workshops that focus on the main factors that allow teams to thrive: positivity, teamwork and creativity. We use play to connect employees to concepts of mental health and workplace happiness.

Why Play?

  • Play is essential to creativity, innovation, health, and ultimately HAPPINESS
  • Play adds joy to life, relieve stress and supercharges LEARNING
  • Play allows teams to LET LOOSE and drop their ‘work front'
  • Play connects people organically & authentically to create GREAT TEAMS
  • Incorporating play into business makes teams more PRODUCTIVE


Did You Know Employees Who Are Happy Are:

3x more creative

10x more engaged

30x more productive

40% more likely to get promoted in a year

Do You Want A Team That...

  • Follows their instincts and brings more innovation into the workplace
  • Not just thinks outside the box, but SMASHES it.
  • Reacts positively and embraces change, challenges and new ideas
  • Improves active listening and communicates with clarity and consistency
  • Improve everyday teamwork and problem solving
  • Is even more KICKASS
Team Building Activities Toronto

What You'll Get:

PLAYshops can take place right in your office or at any locally scheduled event, conference, retreat, etc. All materials provided and teams of 8-200+ can be accommodated. There are 3 components:

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive (improv-influenced) games that are designed to get teams to break down barriers and learn about themselves and the group at large. Includes a gameshow wheel for extra fun!

2. Positive Psychology

The research behind what makes life worth living and aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and groups to thrive.

3. ‘Art-ivities’

Wacky and fun art based activities to bring it all together.

Dont worry….no artistic abilities necessary!


In the same amount of time your team has a few meetings and a coffee break, you’ll be blown away by how much the team has grown into a more cohesive and engaged unit!


What They're Saying...

“Luis’s PLAYshop had our whole team interacting and bonding in the most fun ways possible! The valuable information on innovation through the lens of play and mindfulness is already paying dividends for our marketing team!
PLAYshops push you to grow as a team & have a great effect on team morale and the workplace environment. Highly recommended!"  - Marketing Director
"PLAYshops changed our team! Not only did their performance increase but they laugh more, they work more as a team, they go out of the way to help one another and the gratitude that they show is beyond my expectations. The positivity in the office is undeniably the best its ever been! They don't fear obstacles now, they love the challenge and celebrate together playing games from PLAYshop when they have overcome them. I highly recommend Fundamentals of Play and especially Luis as a facilitator. Change the way your employees think and have some fun!"
- Cassandra Harvey, North American Sales Manager, Intrepid Trave 
"Luis worked with me on a short timeline to deliver an excellent workshop that was extremely well received. It is evident that Luis is a well organized, client focused and engaging facilitator.
He delivered a fantastic relevant workshop for my sales team  with a great balance of skill introduction and practice (play), while having an amazing time together."
-   Megan Boyle, District Sales Manager, Eli Lilly
What a great PLAYshop! Participants really enjoyed themselves, let loose and learned some new awesome things. Great concept with fun and learning merged perfectly.
-  Barbara Kuzel, Social Committee Lead, EY
Our team and our company as a whole has gone through a lot of changes and rapid growth. The Teamwork PLAYshop was a unique & amazing way to  bring everyone together to learn and have fun as one team. We learned how to adapt to change, have a positive attitude  &  work better as a team. What a great program!  
Donna Bramley, Director of Salon Development, Marc Anthony Cosmetics
"PLAYshops are incredible! As a team, you learn about the research behind concepts like mindfulness, positivity and teamwork that can have a real impact at work and at home.
Best of all, you actually experience the concepts first hand through fun games and activities,  making the knowledge more relatable beyond anything that a lecture or book could do.
- Michael Allcock, Director of Design

"We took our grade 12 leadership students to a Playshop and they LOVED it! Luis was able to seamlessly incorporate the concepts of positive psychology into play, improv, and creativity.
The overall message the students took away was extremely valuable and many of them started putting in to practice techniques they learned the very next day! We will definitely be taking them back each year."
-  Teri Osmond, Leadership Manager

Which PLAYshop is Right For Your Team?

Step 1) Choose Format: Choose your preferred format below. We accomodate teams of 10-250*

'Cartwheel' FUN!

From $2500* 1-2 Hours
  • Ideal for shorter team gatherings
  • 3-7 Group games + 1 (condensed) Theme
  • Contact us for pricing!

Flagship 'Somersault'

From $4000* 3-4 Hours
  • Ideal for larger team meetings, socials, conferences or retreats
  • 8-14 Group games + 1 Robust Theme + 1 Art-ivity
  • BEST VALUE! Contact us for pricing

Monthly Wellness

From $1000/mth* 1.5 HOURS EACH
  • Ideal for smaller teams (8-25) on location
  • Group Games + Monthly Themes
  • 3, 6, and 12 month packages available.

*Contact us for a full quote. Travel and convenience fees extra. Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!

Step 2) Choose a Theme: We cover numerous themes focused on maximizing teams' potential**.  Our most popular:



Summary: how to use positivity, vulnerability and communication as keys to building successful teams.

Ideal For Teams That Are:

  • New and are still getting to know each other
  • Reliant on strong teamwork to succeed
  • Stagnant or lack camaraderie

More Information: Teamwork PLAYshop - Details and Outline 

Empathy & Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Psychological Safety
Authentic Networking
WOW Factory
Recess 'Game-Show'
**Something else in mind? We have tons of other themes and custom programming also available. Other main themes available include: Failing (Joyfully) & Achievement/Motivation


Call us directly at (647) 233-2577 or fill out the form below!

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