Half Day of Fun, Creativity and Team Building


Your team works hard, why not play hard?

Team Building Activities Toronto

Looking for a fun team building activity in Toronto? Look no further!

The Business Booster PLAYshop is a fun and engaging workshop that focuses on positivity, teamwork and creativity. It uses play as the main ingredient for high impact corporate team building.

Why Play?

  • Play is essential to creativity, innovation, health, and ultimately happiness
  • Play adds joy to life, relieve stress and supercharges learning
  • Play connects people organically and authentically to create GREAT TEAMS
  • Incorporating play into business makes work more productive and pleasurable

Teams We Have Played With!

Did You Know Employees Who Are Happy Are:

- 3x more creative

- 10x more engaged

- 30x more productive

- 40% more likely to get promoted in a year

Who This Is For:

  • Teams who rely on teamwork and creativity to succeed
  • Teams undergoing massive change or growth
  • Teams under intense stress or pressure
  • Teams that are new and are still getting to know each other
  • Teams that are stagnant or lack camaraderie

Why PLAYshops Work:

  • Creates a fun atmosphere promoting discovery, creativity & innovation
  • Allows teams to relax, let loose and drop their ‘work front’. It will have your team laughing and bonding in unbelievable ways!
  • Provides a setting that’s both comfortable and vulnerable, enabling more meaningful and authentic connections with each other.
  • Enables your team to learn quickly by leaving inhibitions at the door, casting egos aside and discouraging the need to be right all the time.
  • Encourages team work and support to generate optimal outcomes

How It Works:

This PLAYshop is a half day in length and incorporates main themes that allows teams to thrive: positivity, creativity and teamwork. This PLAYshop can take place right in your office or at any locally scheduled event, conference, retreat, etc. All materials are provided and teams of up to 50 can be accommodated. There are 3 components:

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive games (along with a gameshow wheel!) designed to get teams to break down barriers and learn about themselves and the group at large. All in a safe, highly engaged environment. Games are focused on positivity, teamwork & creativity.

2. Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the research behind what makes life worth living and aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and groups to thrive. Your group will learn how to apply it to their daily work life through engaging discussions and activities.

3. ‘Art-ivities’

Wacky and fun art based activities to bring it all together. Art has endless possibilities and helps drive growth and creativity.  It’s time to reveal that new group dynamic and apply it to creating something awesome together!

Dont worry….no artistic abilities necessary. Think paint splattering and hoola-hoops!


In the same amount of time your team has a few meetings and a coffee break, you’ll be blown away by how much the team has grown into a more cohesive and engaged unit!

A Glimpse At Your New Dream Team

Your team will be equipped to…

  • Follow their instincts and bring more innovation into the workplace
  • Not just think outside the box, but SMASH it.
  • React positively and embrace change, challenges and new ideas
  • Improve active listening and communicate with clarity and consistency
  • Improve everyday teamwork and problem solving
  • Be even more KICKASS

If your team is ready to participate in an unforgettably fun experience to boost innovation, morale and team unity, book now!


(Half Day or $750/hr. Up to a group of 20. $50/additional person)


Custom programming (timing/themes) and monthly wellness programs also available

*Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!*