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Virtual Business Storytelling PLAYshop!

Some Teams We Have Played With!

The Power of Storytelling (Virtual)


Looking for FUN yet impactful virtual team building? Our Storytelling PLAYshop helps teams enhance communication through powerful & relevant stories. Smiles are included!

Too often we focus on convincing instead of connecting. Storytelling is a universal language that can turn boring professional messages into emotionally engaging experiences that will boost credibility.

Our virtual Business Storytelling PLAYshop is the ultimate 'modern marketing' training! Through it's immersive games and content, teams will learn the power of storytelling & how to add it into their everyday communication. Participants will learn the skills and strategies to exert authentic influence, motivation and engagement with all key stakeholders.😀🙌

For Teams That:

  • Client - facing (sales, etc) or leadership-driven
  • Reliant on effective communication
  • Sell aspirational products/services or are in a high-relationship business

Used By Teams To:

  • Enhance sales/marketing through relationship building & storytelling
  • Get clear & concise on important messages or complex ideas
  • Create emotional engagement & buy-in with key stakeholders

We use the power of PLAY to teach 'modern day business skills' with a focus on workplace wellness.

How It Works:

Virtual PLAYshops are completely remote and can take place while your team is working from home. Teams of 8-100 can be accommodated. There are 3 components:

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive (improv-influenced) games that are designed to get teams to break down barriers and learn about themselves and the group at large.

2. Positive Psychology

The research behind what makes life worth living and aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and groups to thrive.


Interactive and FUN virtual finales that will be sure to have the team grinning from ear to ear! Think: Virtual Rock Bands, Epic Group Speeches, Dance Parties & More!

Storytelling PLAYshop

In the same amount of time your team has a few meetings and a coffee break, you’ll be blown away by how much the team has grown into a more cohesive and engaged unit!

Virtual Storytelling PLAYshop - Outline

(virtual team building workshop)

Objective: The science behind telling better stories to connect and engage more effectively with others.


  • Guess That Tune (Pre-Game), FOP Intro, How We’ll Learn, Aha’s Woohoo’s & Huh’s.
  • A Story. Opening Activity: Broken Stories (Story Swap). Why Is Storytelling Important?
  • BIG IDEA: Stories are universally impactful!

STEP #1:  Positivity for Possibility

  • Content - Benefits - broader perspective, challenges, contagion (Why) . Negativity Bias and Positivity Ratios. (How)
  • Sample Games – Story Builderz, Emotional Name Swap, 5 Things
  • Discussion (Partners/Group Share) – How can you apply the positivity ratios to prime your audience into a positive mindset?

STEP 2:  Thinking About the Audience

  • Content – Identifying the CCI’s (capacities, concerns and interests) of your audience, & how those are different from the speaker’s CCI’s
  • Sample Games – Anybody Else? Interesting Email, Quintriplets (common/differences)
  • Discussion/Tools (Group Share) – If I were them…(If you were your audience, what would be your capacities, concerns, and interests?). Relevant stories?

STEP 3: Getting Audience to Listen

  • Content – Tell people why and how they should listen to what you’re about to say. Uncertainty makes it difficult/impossible to focus
  • Sample Games: Story Half Life, Headlines, Swedish Storytelling, Improv PPT
  • Discussion/Tools (Group Share)– Framing/Doorbell Tool. What is your story’s ‘Why’ or headline? Listner’s barriers to remove?

STEP 4:  Helping Audience Understand

  • Content – Speaker brain vs audience brain. How to make it “real” for the audience using sense experience and relevant examples
  • Sample Games - 3 Corner Story (narrative, emotion, detail), Show & Tell, WGAA (TV Informercials), Rumors
  • Discussion/Tools (Group Share)– Wish you were here (Describe your sense experience/relevant examples). Where/when can you use storytelling @ work?


  • Recap , Takeaways & HomePlay
  • Finale: Epic Storytelling Speech

Choose Your Format

Choose your preferred format below for your PLAY & CONNECTION workshop. We accomodate teams of 10-250+

Virtual 'Cartwheel'

From $3000* 1 Hour
  • Ideal for energy boosters, short team gatherings or Lunch N Learns
  • 4-5 Group games + 1 (condensed) Theme
  • Contact us for pricing!

Virtual 'Somersault'

From $4000* 2 Hours
  • Ideal for team building sessions, morale boosts or to break from the monotony of remote work
  • 7-10 Group games + 1 Standard Theme + Finale
  • Contact us for pricing!

Virtual Half Day 'Party'

From $5000* 3-4 Hours
  • Ideal for pre planned team building sessions, virtual retreats or conferences
  • 12-15 Group Games + 1 Robust Theme + Finale
  • Best Value! Contact us for pricing!

*Contact us for a full quote. Food not included.  Travel and convenience fees extra. Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!
**Something else in mind? We have tons of other themes and custom programming also available.


Call us directly at (647) 233-2577 or fill out the form below!

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