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connection based icebreaker

Always Start With Connection!

We’re often asked what our favorite ‘icebreaker’ activity is for teams. Although we aren’t fans of the term ‘icebreaker’ (we prefer ‘energy starter!), the answer is always the same!

Everyone always expect something big, boisterous and extravagant but the answer is much simpler. Whether it’s in person or virtual, we always recommend connecting participants right away on a human level.

Connection is at the Core of Humanity

Think about it. What do humans crave the most? Connection. When people are part of team events, meetings, socials, etc, there are two core components: Content and Connection. The content is whatever the purpose of the gathering or event is – that’s your expertise. But the real thing people are seeking at these events is often connection.

Connection is at the root of humanity! We want to feel more connected to the people we work with everyday. We want to make friends in a non-awkward setting & to create more happiness and laughs throughout our days.


Start with A Deep Question

The best way to create an ‘electricity’ of connection (as quickly as possible) is by having participants share their answer to a ‘deep question’ in small groups or partners. A deep question is basically any question that goes beyond surface level (so no: ‘How’s the weather?’😋).

Two of my personal favorites are…

  1. If you meet again in 5 years time, what will you be celebrating?
  2. If you had to do a TedTalk on something non-work related, what would it be on?

Both of these questions engage participants right away on a more human to human level. They get them talking about things they care, while learning something meaningful about each other.

If you’re looking for resources for more question ideas check out Ask Deep Questions.

The Magic of Connection

Connecting people at a more meaningful level right from the start does magical wonders for engagement and energy levels for the rest of the session (no matter what the topic!) ✨

Bonus: For our events, it lays the groundwork for comfort and familiarity with each other as we get a little more fun & rambunctious with our future games!

Give it a try at your next team meeting or event!

Looking for some fun, connection and growth for your next team event? Check out our in Person PLAYshops or virtual PLAYshop offerings and get in touch!

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