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Awesome Teams Only Need Two Things:

Here at FUNdamentals of Play, we focus on team play, connection and growth. That’s because we know those are the things that enable teams to thrive. But if we want to get even simpler – we can put them into two buckets:

  1. Fun!🀣: How is the team creating joyful experiences and getting along together?
  2. GrowthπŸŒ„: What is the team learning about, improving on or thriving with? Do they feel purposeful?

  The important part: high performing teams take both of these into account. After all – good vibes πŸ™Œ and continual improvement πŸ“ˆ – what more does a team need!?

A Team Learning Hack: Focus

One of the most powerful things that we teach is to focus on one thing at a time. Most team’s squander learning opportunities by taking too much in and then not being able to do anything with it (due to overwhelm, lack of time, etc). 

If for any learning opportunity (a meeting, a speaker, a PLAYshop, etc), an individual or team focuses on taking one relevant takeway and actually putting it into practice, they will be 99% ahead of everyone else. 

If teams take one thing to focus on for certain time periods (e.g. each month) they will be much better off as they come up with numerous different ways to improve it. Ideas will evolve, habits will be formed & minds will be shifted. Most importantly, it will become more entrenched in the culture.

Just. Focus.

Why Team Focus is POWERful!

It’s all about choosing one thing to improve your team around either fun and joy or learning and growth.

Here’s why focusing is so important:

  1. Less is moreπŸ”Ž: By focusing on just one thing, you’ll be able to see and track real progress and make a bigger impact. Plus, it’s less overwhelming for your team, which will keep their motivation levels high! 
  2. Create a sense of purpose 🎯: When your team is focused on a specific goal, they’ll feel like they’re part of something bigger and more meaningful. This will increase their motivation and commitment to the project. 
  3. The change will last longer ♾️:  If teams take one thing to focus on for certain time periods (e.g. each month) they will be much better off as they come up with different ways to improve it. Ideas will evolve, habits will be formed & minds will be shifted. Most importantly, it will become more entrenched in the culture.

Narrow Down Your Current Team Focus:

So, what’s your teams current focus this month? As mentioned, we have two suggested ‘buckets’ and ideas to choose from below:

  • Fun and Joy: Plan a team-building activity, celebrate a milestone with a fun event, or introduce unique ways to encourage more laughter and connection at work (e.g run Pecha Kucha’s)
  • Learning and Growth: Set a goal for the team to learn something new this month, schedule a training session or workshop (and focus on main team takeaway), or encourage everyone to take on a new challenge. Maybe it’s to complete that purpose filled goal the team set out? Or create a plan to WOW your customers?

The bottom line is that by focusing your team on just one thing, you’ll see real progress and create a more positive and motivated work environment. So let’s get focused and start making some serious team magic! πŸš€

Super Team.

Looking for some FUN, connection and growth for your next team event, social or learning opportunity?  We teach modern day business skills through the power of PLAY (we specifically look at team appreciation in our popular Teamwork PLAYshop)! Check out our Live PLAYshop or Virtual PLAYshop offerings and get in touch!

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