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Fail Workshop Toronto

Give Yourself Permission to PLAY Again! Who It’s For: You! If.. … you feel afraid or held back from doing what you really want … you tend to shy away from rejection or failure …you are looking for more joy, less stress and a break from ‘adulting’ … you want to meet like-minded people &…

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How to #FAIL Joyfully (and Why It Matters)

  FAILURE. It can be a pretty damn scary word, don’t you think? It can mean alot of not-so-good things to different people but lets look at the actual definition for a bit of help: Def’n: lack of success; the omission of expected or required action or result But who determines what success is? Who…

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Permission to Play! (a PLAYshop)

Take a break from adult-ing and learn to embrace your inner child! ‘Permission to Play!’ is a whimsical, playful and safe environment for adults to learn more about themselves and how to start doing more of the things they love! As you allow yourself to let loose in this interactive play workshop for adults, you’ll…

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