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Embrace the Quirk! (a PLAYshop)

Give Yourself Permission to PLAY again! Who It’s For: You! If ..… you sometimes feel like you wear too many masks and want to boldly reveal your true self! … you are looking for more joy, less stress and a break from ‘adulting’ … you want to meet like-minded couples & get a large dose…

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Permission to Play! (a PLAYshop)

Take a break from adult-ing and learn to embrace your inner child! ‘Permission to Play!’ is a whimsical, playful and safe environment for adults to learn more about themselves and how to start doing more of the things they love! As you allow yourself to let loose in this interactive play workshop for adults, you’ll…

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Kids As Our Role Models (When the Tables Turn)

I recently went to my (beautiful and amazing) nieces 4th Birthday Party. It was a perfect reminder/proof point for me of two things: We as adults can learn SO much from kids Play is transformative and amazing! It was ‘Frozen’ themed and was chock full of surprises (good job mom and dad:)) They made their…

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