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Dynamic Duo: FUNdamentals of Play and Ask Deep Questions Presents…: Offline AF! Tired of staring at your phone like a zombie? Tired of staring at other people staring at their phones like zombies? Tired of being tired? We increasingly miss out on important moments of our lives because our faces are buried in technology Take a…

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I Know It’s Cheesy But I Feel Grate! (a PLAYshop)

Give Yourself Permission to PLAY again! Who It’s For: You! If.. … you want to know the actual science behind positivity and how you can apply it to your work, relationships & life …you are looking for more joy, less stress and a break from ‘adulting’ … you want to meet new awesome friends &…

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Permission to Play! (a PLAYshop)

Take a break from adult-ing and learn to embrace your inner child! ‘Permission to Play!’ is a whimsical, playful and safe environment for adults to learn more about themselves and how to start doing more of the things they love! As you allow yourself to let loose in this interactive play workshop for adults, you’ll…

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