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Smile Time! (no not for selfies)

OK Fun Quiz Time: How many times per day do you think kids smile? How about adults?

Go ahead and guess…..





**CHILDREN SMILE ABOUT 400 times a dayyet adults only manage 20!**
That’s literally 20x more! (And lets be real….. most of those are probably selfies too!)


Whats Up With That!?

As adults we can easily get swallowed up by the things the world and society deems as ‘important’.
Chores. Work. Bills. Routine. Routine. Routine.
It’s an easy rut to fall into. One that most of us *dread*

But do we listen to ourselves as often as we should? Do we do the things we love and make us feel fully alive ENOUGH? Do we smile, laugh, be silly, have fun ENOUGH?

Spoiler Alert:

More often than not, as adults: we don’t (as seen by the above stat).

Profound Insight Time:

Making time to do the things we love more is not even one tiny bit selfish. In fact it is very selfless so that we can be our best selves and shine with those people around us. This in turn gives people in our social radius permission to do the same. It’s win win win.

I experienced this first hand when I climbed out of depression. Through re-discovering the power of play, I now make sure to schedule in consistent time to do the things I LOVE. To me that includes playing sports, being silly, going on trips, spending time with loved ones, playing with my puppy and exploring all passions/hobbies. I also like to bring silliness to everyday things. Cooking breakfast? Why not throw in some random ingredients to see how it turns out? Or put on some tunes and belt out you fav?


I Encourage Everyone to Start Somewhere (Anywhere!!)

One place you can start is here as we have an awesome lineup of PLAYshops coming up! These are for anybody looking for a mental break from ‘adult-ing’. Those looking for some  inspiration/motivation and wants to partake in some playing, growing and connecting.

So go ahead: Choose just one and let it be the first step you take to start doing more of what you love!

1) Permission to Play! (a PLAYshop) – Wed Oct 4, 7pm. On doing more of what we love! (Collab with Nicki Gallo – a play therapist!)
2) Night Time Recess – Thurs Oct 19,. On being Positive AF (Collab with Evolve Holistic Group)
3) FAIL is Awesomesauce (a PLAYshop) – Thurs Oct 26. On Failing like a champ! Early Bird tix only until Oct 5th!


Play. Connect. Grow.

Tickets tend to sell out weeks in advance for our PLAYshops so be sure to grab your ticket soon! Invest in Yo’self! Only $25 (or $20 early bird)….aka the price you would pay for 1.5 drinks at your fav. Toronto establishment 🙂

PS: Don’t forget to subscribe to the PLAYlist newsletter to stay updated on events, playshops and all things play!! Also be sure to follow FUNdamentals of Play on Facebook and Instagram

PPS: Looking to bring play into your team or workplace? Let’s schedule a conversation to discover how we can support you!

Give Yourself Permission to Play Again!


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