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team setting goals

Great Teams Set Goals!

The best teams set goals. Period. End. Fin.

A new year (or a new quarter or month or week, etc) is the perfect time for teams to do just this …set some awesome goals! After all, isn’t that what teams are supposed to do? Set goals, work cohesively and go out and achieve them!πŸ†

So, setting goals is really the first (and vital) step of doing what GREAT teams do. Most teams take this step for granted or ignore it altogether, but it really is a game changer!

SMARTER Goals for SMARTER Teams!

We’ve all heard of SMART goals right? Well they’re a great place to start. Quick Review:

  • Specific 🎯 – make goals specific and focused so there is less confusion & they’re easier to strategize for. More specific, the better.
  • Measurable πŸ“ – define what evidence (date, metrics,etc) will prove progress. Re-evalutate when needed.
  • Achievable πŸ† – make goals challenging but that can also be reasonably accomplished within timeframe & resources
  • Relevant ❗ – align goals with larger objectives that actually improves the team/business in some way! This is the big WHY of the goal (*important!)
  • Timely ⏰ – set an ambitious but realistic deadline.

If you set some SMART goals with your team, say them out loud and then forget about them – well…congrats! You have done what most teams usually do. πŸ™ƒ But at least you have the basics down.

To get to the next level make sure you convert the goals to SMARTER goals. Start with the basics of SMART and layer in:

  • Evoking Strengths πŸ’ͺ – make sure the goals leverage the strengths of you team. Only choose goals that light up your team and get them excited to use their collective superpowers to achieve. If it’s something that requires other skillsets or strengths then perhaps it should be an individual goal or a goal for another team.
  • Relating Values ❣️ – align goals to the team or company values. If those aren’t clear to start, then get clarity first. If the values of the team are honesty and the goal is to double sales…make sure the tactics include transparency and there is no room to diminish integrity. The team should be aligned to those values and practice them in all projects that lead to the goals.

Writing Down Goals for Higher Success

Once you have set SMARTER goals with your team, the next step is simple but important

The most successful individuals always WRITE down their goals. In fact, research shows that you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal when it is written down! Good news is this works for teams as well!

But this doesn’t mean writing it down on phones or on some team intranet site that nobody checks. It is key to:

  • Write down the goals physically. Yes, paper + pen/marker. Old school way!
  • Plaster the goals everywhere the team spends their time! Yes – everywhere (within reason of course). Think lunch room, meeting rooms, on computers, project outlines, etc. You can also include virtually in Zoom rooms, shared docs, etc – you get the point! They should be seen and viewed everyday by the relevant team members. This is so that they can remember them, focus on them and continue to evolve thought’s/strategies around them.
  • Have everyone take it down a step further & write their individual SMARTER goals down (that relate to the team ones)

Now Go Set Some SMARTER Team Goals!

Simple as that – you’re on your way to leading/ being part of a more AWESOME and thriving team! Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Brainstorm SMARTER goals with your team. Make sure everyone is involved in the process and everyone is bought in! Be sure to pre-schedule these sessions at relevant times (beginning of quarters,etc)
  2. WRITE. πŸ‘THEM. πŸ‘DOWN.πŸ‘ Physically. On Paper. Then put them everywhere the team is. Working remote? Make sure everyone has them up in front of their workstation!
  3. Review SMARTER goals at end of timeline and make adjustments/improve for next round!

BOOM! Just like that you have up-levelled your team. Your Welcome! 😁

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