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Everything isn’t always puppies and rainbows. When it rains it pours, etc, etc.

Life can hit hard. And suck. One minute it’s golden, the next you feel like your in the dumps.

Things is – you don’t always have to love life Pain and negative feelings are actually GOOD. They are signals to us (but I’ll dive deeper into that one in a future post)

What you do need to know is that if you allow that stuff to take over it is very easy to go too far down the rabbit hole of negativity and can become VERY DANGEROUS.


That’s where Positivity Comes into Play

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat…..being positive isn’t about being that super cheery person with a high pitched voice and a perma-smile that annoys everyone at the party 🙂

Instead, think of positivity as:

  1. A helpful roadblock that PREVENTS yourself to go down the rabbit hole of negativity the next time your life hits a sh*tstorm.
  2. An amazing tool you can use CONSISTENTLY to help you feel incredible and open up new opportunities for yourself
  3. A beacon of energy that you can CONTROL that can change situations for the better, help inspire others and bring more GOOD THINGS into the world (Think Butterfly effect)


Yes There’s Actual Science Behind It

I used to think alot of this stuff was FLUFF. Then it CHANGED MY LIFE.

There is actual science behind how to nurture a thriving life (ie positive psychology). Positivity is just one aspect of it, but a very foundational one. And it’s fascinating. Tests, studies, experiments around human behaviour have taught us so much that we can now dive deep into these topics.

Because of this amazing knowledge, we no longer have to remain feeling like we have minimal/no CONTROL of how we feel, think or act.


So…..How Do I Become Positive AF and Why Should I?!

Reality Check: If you want to be as AWESOME as this kid in the picture…..all I can say is it takes practice.

But the GOOD NEWS is that it starts with having the knowledge and the awareness.

Like understanding what the most important positive emotions are and how we can practice experiencing them. Or understanding our genetic disposition in terms of happiness. Or Understanding the negativity bias and what we can do to counteract it.


Benefits on Benefits….

The benefits of learning these elements of positivity and applying it are so far reaching I would need to write a whole thesis on it. But here are the highlights:

  • See new OPPORTUNITIES for yourself and others. Ones that were always there but that you were blind to!
  • See challenges as less daunting and more courage to go after what you TRULY WANT
  • Be a beacon of light and evoke positive contagion.  CONNECT TO OTHERS in ways you never thought possible
  • LESS STRESS, MORE JOY and a LONGER LIFE SPAN (yep you heard that right)


Play. Connect. Grow.

Come explore POSITIVITY next Tuesday Nov 21st at 7pm at our Positive AF! (a PLAYshop)

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Give Yourself Permission to Play Again!


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