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Resilience PLAYshop

NEW! Virtual Version Now Available

Looking for a virtual workshop for your suddenly remote team? We have converted this PLAYshop into a virtual format. Click below for more details!

NEW! Virtual Version Now Available

Looking for a virtual workshop for your suddenly remote team? We have converted this PLAYshop into a virtual format. Click below for more details!

Some Teams We Have Played With!

Tough Times Don't Last. Tough Teams Do.


The modern workplace is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The way teams respond to these factors often determine their success.

Great teams are resilient. They thrive through change and adversity and bounce back from difficult and challenging experiences. The good news is resilience can be learned, nurtured and developed.

The Resilience PLAYshop is the ultimate modern-skill building workshop! Through it's immersive games and content, teams will learn to avoid common mindset traps & become solution-focused with a CAN-DO attitude. This PLAYshop will increase confidence, energy & morale to ensure team success!

For Teams That Are:

  • Client - facing (sales, etc) or leadership-driven
  • Undergoing massive change or growth
  • Under constant stress or pressures

Used By Teams To:

  • Learn strategies to thrive through negativity & adversity
  • Become solution-oriented, adaptive to change and comfortable with uncertainty
  • Cultivate a positive culture of focus, energy and engagement

We use the power of PLAY to teach 'modern day business skills' with a focus on workplace wellness.

How It Works:

PLAYshops are fun, experiential & highly impactful! This team building workshop can take place right in your office or at any locally scheduled event, conference, retreat, etc. All materials provided and teams of 8-200+ can be accommodated. There are 3 components to creating a high performance, resilient team that adapts well to change:

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive (improv-influenced) games that are designed to get teams to break down barriers and learn about themselves and the group at large.

2. Positive Psychology

The research behind what makes life worth living and aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and groups to thrive.

3. ‘Art-ivities’

Wacky and fun art based activities to bring it all together.  Dont worry….no artistic abilities necessary!

resilience chameleon watercolor

Resilience PLAYshop - Outline

(team building workshop)

Objective: How to avoid the mental roadblocks of a fixed mindset & adopt a growth mindset, especially through change/uncertainty.


  • How We’ll Learn (mindfulness, facilitation, engagement) , The FUNdamentals of Play (Rules)
  • Ice breakers (Shakedown, Mini-men, Extremes)
  • TOPIC 1:  Negative Emotions 
    • Content – Example of Emotions. Purpose (New info, urging to change), How to deal with (acknowledge/recognize). Critical Positivity Ratio.
    • Activity (Partners/Group Share) – What negative emotions have you felt at home/work? What is it calling you to change/how can you alleviate?
    • Sample Games – Emotional Name Swap, Hot Seat Emotoins, Assassin, Status Walk, 7 Things

    TOPIC 2:  FIXED Mindset – Failure & 2 Mindset Traps 

    • Content – Tricks of Failure, Mindset Traps: 1. Complaining/Be own director 2. Self Criticism/Reframe with 3P’s (Pervasive, Permanent, Personal)
    • Activity (Partners/Group Share) – when do you do either of the mindset traps at work? Brainstorm how to avoid/become more aware
    • Sample Games - YOLO combo (21 + Swap Yes), Group Order,  Clapparama, Threads, Bunny Bunny

TOPIC 3:  P.L.A.Y in face of uncertainty

  • Content –Unknown continuum/Endowment Affect. P.L.A.Y Mindset – (Permission to Play. Let go right/wrong. Acknowledge Present. Yes And.)
  • Activity (Partners/Group Share) – Apply P.L.A.Y Mindset to area at work identified earlier
  • Sample Games - Nah!, Snapshotz, Trifecta alt: Story Symphony/1 Word Story,

TOPIC  4: GROWTH Mindset

  • Content – 3 C’s (Catch, Check, Change), 4 Steps to Develop a Growth Mindset (Hear Fixed, Recognize Choice, Talk Back, Take Action!). Dominant Mindset will dominate life.
  • Activity (Partners/Group Share) – How can this be applied individually/Within teams consistently to overcome blocks/obstacles?
  • Sample Games - Build A Bear, Unrelations, Reframe, Dubbed Movie, Island Fun, Worlds Greatest Ad Agency


  • Artivity*: CUP STACKING CHALLENGE -A 30 min guided small team challenge to build the tallest cup stacking - structure possible (with twist instructions!) Teams will learn about leadership,  resiliency & growth mindset in the process. A facilitated discussio will follow.
  • Recap/Application Sheet 
* Artivity only available for PLAYshops longer than 2 Hours

Choose Your Format

Choose your preferred format below for your resilience workshop. We accomodate teams of 10-250+

Lunch N Learn FUN!

From $750* 1 Hour
  • Ideal for short team meetings or gatherings
  • 4-5 Group Games + 1 (condensed) Theme
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Flagship FUN!

From $2000* 2 Hours
  • Ideal for larger team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • 7-8 Group Games, Story + 1 Theme + 1 Artivity
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Half Day FUN!

From $3500* 4 Hours+
  • Ideal for larger & longer team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • 12-16 Group Games + 1 Robust Theme + 1 Artivity
  • BEST VALUE! Contact for a quote!**

*Contact us for a full quote. Food is not included. Travel and convenience fees extra. Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!
**Something else in mind? We have tons of other themes and custom programming also available.


Call us directly at (647) 233-2577 or fill out the form below!

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