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Psychological Safety PLAYshop

NEW! Virtual Version Now Available

Looking for a virtual workshop for your suddenly remote team? We have converted this PLAYshop into a virtual format. Click below for more details!

Some Teams We Have Played With!

#1 Factor for Effective Teams


Teams that live in fear falter. Teams that are empowered, thrive. A Google Study determined that the #1 factor for thriving teams is a culture of psychological safety.

Psychological safety is simply when team members confidently inquire, make mistakes, contribute and challenge ideas.

The Psychological Safety PLAYshop is the ultimate team bonding workshop! Through it's immersive games and content, teams will come together to foster a better understanding of inclusion, contribution and failure. Participants will learn to build a culture of trust, understanding and calculated risks to maximize team potential!

For Teams That:

  • Solve complex issues and problems
  • Rely on strong communication to execute
  • Are diverse & have many different points of view

Used to:

  • Enhance ideation and innovation
  • Empower team members
  • Improve team communication, collaboration & problem solving
  • Teach modern leadership

We use the power of PLAY to teach 'modern day business skills' with a focus on workplace wellness.

How It Works:

PLAYshops are fun, high impact team building! These experiential workshops can take place right in your office or at any locally scheduled event, conference, retreat, etc. All materials provided and teams of 8-100+ can be accommodated. There are 3 components that help build an empathetic team that can effectively communicate:

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive games that are designed to get teams to break down barriers and learn about themselves and the group at large.

2. Positive Psychology

The research behind what makes life worth living and aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and groups to thrive.

3. ‘Art-ivities’

Fun experiential activities to bring it all together.  Don't worry….no artistic abilities necessary!


Psychological Safety PLAYshop - Outline

(team building workshop)

Objective: Maximizing team potential by allowing team members to confidently inquire, make mistakes, contribute and challenge ideas.


  • FOP Intro, How We’ll Learn, Aha’s Woohoo’s & Huh’s.
  • Opening Activity: GoStopFaceClap What is Psych Safety? Why Important? Fear vs Psych Safety
  • BIG IDEA: Psychological Safety depends on everyone rewiring & modeling the behavior.

LEVEL 1:  Inclusion Safety

  • Content: Feeling included and accepted before being heard. Inclusion Continuum. Myth of Superiority. Ask, invite & share. Differences with acceptance-common story
  • Sample Games – Anybody Else? Extremes, Street Strangers Medley, Are You More Like/Categories, Yes Lets, Quintriplets
  • Discussion/Tools (Group Share) – What myths of superiority might you have? Brainstorm ways to ask/invite/share on your team more consistently.

LEVEL 2:  Learner Safety

  • Content – Joyful failure (risks/questions/mistakes without feeling insecure). Disconnect fear from failure. Judging Police (Practice Non-Judgement). Model learner safety. Genuine Curiosity.
  • Sample Games - Theory Believer/5 Headed Expert, Clapparama, Hotline Bling, Nah!, Ask Siri, Bunny Bunny, Bippity Bop
  • Discussion (Partners/Group Share) – How can you remove judgement & allow more risk taking?

LEVEL 3:  Contributor Safety

  • Content – Idea sharing, embrace leading through strengths, coach-accountability matrix. Active listening. Listen-Loop-Dip.
  • Sample Games - Consultants. Reinvention/Solvers, Family Portraits, Shapemakers, First/Last, Dubbed Movie
  • Discussion (Partners/Group Share) – Where have you held back from contributing? How can you help others contribute?

LEVEL 4:  Challenger Safety

  • Content – Intellectual vs Social Friction. Welcome Dissent, Disruption Question Sequence (Why – What If – How) . Dialogue vs Debates, Lead with Curiosity (common goal, big why). Cultural Architects
  • Sample Games – Why Game, Pancakes vs Waffles, House Flip, Curiosity, Challengerz
  • Discussion (Group Share) – How can the team use challenger safety to accelerate common goals?


  • Art-ivity*: Cup Stacking Challenge - a 30+ min guided small team challenge to build the tallest cup stacking - structure possible (with twist instructions!) Teams will learn about creating inclusion & contributor safety while striving towards a common goal. A facilitated discussion around psychological safety, communication & leading by example  will follow

Recap, Takeaways & HomePlay

* Artivity only available for PLAYshops longer than 3 Hours

Choose Your Format

Choose your preferred format below for the Empathy and Communication PLAYshop. We accomodate teams of 10-100+

'Cartwheel' FUN!

From $2500* 2 Hours
  • Ideal for shorter & small-medium sized team meetings or gatherings
  • 4-6 Group Games + 1 (condensed) Theme
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Flagship 'Somersault'

From $4000* 3 Hours
  • Ideal for larger team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • 6-8 Group Games + 1 Standard Theme + 1 Artivity FINALE
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Flagship Half Day 'Party'!

From $5000* 4 Hours
  • Ideal for larger & longer team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • 7-10 Group Games + 1 Robust Theme + 1 Robust Artivity FINALE
  • BEST VALUE! Contact for a quote!**

*Contact us for a full quote. Food is not included. Travel and convenience fees extra. Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!
**Something else in mind? We have tons of other themes and custom programming also available.


Call us directly at (647) 233-2577 or fill out the form below!

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