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Positivity PLAYshop

Some Teams We Have Played With!

Positive Teams Are Powerful Teams!


Positivity is more than a state of mind. It's what gives teams a competitive advantage.

There is science behind positivity and it can be easily practiced in team settings.  The best part? The effect is exponential! Positivity is contagious and translates into more wellness, engagement, & productivity.

The Positivity PLAYshop is sure to change your team dynamics forever! Through it's immersive games and content, teams will learn to build each other up and create new incredible opportunities, while motivating and inspiring each other.

For Teams That Are:

  • Leadership driven
  • Value mental health and workplace wellness
  • Under constant stress or pressures

Used By Teams To:

  • Increase team productivity and morale
  • Unite to create new possibilities, opportunities & solutions
  • Cultivate a culture of positivity, energy and engagement

We use the power of PLAY to teach 'modern day business skills' with a focus on workplace wellness.

How It Works:

PLAYshops are fun, experiential & highly impactful! This team building workshop can take place right in your office or at any locally scheduled event, conference, retreat, etc. All materials provided and teams of 8-200+ can be accommodated. There are 3 components in creating a team with a thriving, positive attitude!

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive (improv-influenced) games that are designed to get teams to break down barriers and learn about themselves and the group at large.

2. Positive Psychology

The research behind what makes life worth living and aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and groups to thrive.

3. ‘Art-ivities’

Wacky and fun art based activities to bring it all together.  Dont worry….no artistic abilities necessary!


Positivity PLAYshop - Outline

(team building workshop)

Objective: Science behind keeping a positive mindset & how to apply it to both your personal & professional life


  • How We’ll Learn (mindfulness, facilitation, engagement) , The FUNdamentals of Play (Rules)
  • Ice breakers (Shakedown, Mini-men, Extremes)
  • TOPIC 1:  Positive Emotions (What)
    • Content - Top 10 Positive Emotions/Gratitude
    • Discussion (Group Share) – Which have you felt recently?/One you need more of? How can you experience them more?
    • Sample Games - 7 Things!, Emotional Name Swap, 3 Noses

    TOPIC 2:  The Critical Positivity Ratio  (How) 

    • Content - Negativity Bias & Ratio for Thoughts (3:1)/Relationships (5:1)
    • Discussion (Partners/Group Share) – How can you apply the ratio(s) at home/work? To your relationships (family, friends, coworkers,etc)?
    • Sample Games - Trifecta, Partnesia, Snapshotz alt: THUNDERdome

TOPIC 3: The Happiness Formula 

  • Content – Weight of factors that determine our happiness (Circumstance, Genetics, State of Mind)
  • Discussion (Partners/Group Share) – What can you do to influence this? How can you be more mindful of your genetic disposition?
  • Sample Games - Nah, Smile Crack, Thumbgrabz, Extremes, Curiosity, Changing Places, Further/Closer

TOPIC 4:  Benefits of Positivity (Why)

  • Content – Broader Perspective, More courage/confidence, contagion.
  • Discussion (Partners/Group Share) – Which do you feel/need more of? How can you experience them more (job/home/etc?)
  • Sample Games - Story Builders, Groupie RPS, Shapemakers, Yes Let’s!


  • Artivity*: BOOK OF 'AWESOME' - a 30 min guided Artivity to round out the PLAYshop! Each person will start their own ‘Book of Awesome’ and will leave with a tool to practice gratitude/appreciation on a daily basis.
  • Recap/Application Sheet 
* Artivity only available for PLAYshops longer than 2 Hours

Choose Your Format

Choose your preferred format below for your positivity workshop. We accomodate teams of 10-250+

'Cartwheel' FUN!

From $2500* 2 Hours
  • Ideal for shorter & small-medium sized team meetings or gatherings
  • 4-6 Group Games + 1 (condensed) Theme
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Flagship 'Somersault'

From $4000* 3 Hours
  • Ideal for larger team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • 6-8 Group Games + 1 Standard Theme + 1 Artivity FINALE
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Flagship Half Day 'Party'!

From $5000* 4 Hours
  • Ideal for larger & longer team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • 7-10 Group Games + 1 Robust Theme + 1 Robust Artivity FINALE
  • BEST VALUE! Contact for a quote!**

*Contact us for a full quote. Food is not included.  Travel and convenience fees extra. Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!
**Something else in mind? We have tons of other themes and custom programming also available.


Call us directly at (647) 233-2577 or fill out the form below!

Luis Serrano - team building facilitator
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