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RECESS 'Game-Show' PLAYshop!

NEW! Virtual Version Now Available

Looking for a virtual workshop for your suddenly remote team? We have converted this PLAYshop into a virtual format. Click below for more details!

Some Teams We Have Played With!

A Pure Adrenaline Shot of Fun & Connection!


Looking for fun team building that will connect your team through laughter and creativity?

The Recess 'Game-show' PLAYshop is the ultimate way to add a spark of energy and a much needed 'fun-break' to any conference, retreat or team meeting! Designed like a game-show, it is hyper focused on team FUN and CONNECTION!

Ideal for large gatherings, the high energy group games allow teams to let loose, drop their 'work front' and connect organically and authentically.  As any successful modern team knows, more play = more productivity.

For Teams That:

  • Like to work hard, play hard!
  • Are usually under high stress or pressure
  • Recognize the importance of a well-balanced and happy life

Used By Teams To:

  • Add some FUN to a large conference, team meeting or retreat!
  • Connect team members organically and authentically
  • Relieve stress & promote mental health / workplace wellness

We use the power of PLAY to teach 'modern day business skills' with a focus on workplace wellness.

How It Works:

PLAYshops are fun, experiential & highly impactful! This FUN team building workshop can take place right in your office or at any locally scheduled event, conference, retreat, etc. All materials provided and teams of 8-200+ can be accommodated. There are 2 components to get your team laughing & connecting in ways you never though possible!

1. Group Games

Fun and interactive games that are hyper focused on FUN and CONNECTION!

2. Game Show Elements

We have overloaded this session with interactive game-show components (music, sound effects, props, awards/prizes) so that the fun is maximized! Oh that and all of our facilitators are improv-trained and bring forth the hilarity as the PLAYshop game-show hosts!

play rock-on sign watercolor

ALL-PLAY PLAYshop - Outline

(team building workshop)

Objective: Have a ton of FUN & CONNECTION


  • INTRO – FOP Intro, Name Fun, What Playing For
  • Opening Activity: Thumbgrabz
  • BIG IDEA: Let’s connect & have some fun!

Gameshow Style Format with hosts, music ‘trophies’ & Prizing!

Large/Small Group Games Sequence – High Energy & Connection PLAY:

Sample Sequence: Groupie RPS, Extremes/Close Far, Island Fun, 5 Things, ATC, Story Builders, What You Doing, Street Strangers/Partnesia (Medley), 3 Noses, Quintriplets, Snapshotz, Dubbed Movie, Shapemakers (small then big), Flock Dance

  • Groupie RPS – Large Group: Giant Rock Paper Scissors tournament with a twist! Super energy booster! Trophies: best/unique
  • Extremes – Large Group: Connection based game. Everyone joins a spectrum according to get to know your topics (e.g. (Summer/Winter, Early Riser/Night Owl, City/Nature, Introvert/Extrovert, By Book/Rule Breaker, etc) . These can be tailored. Trophies: Most unique shares!
  • Close/Far - Players make statements and everyone moves closer if resonates or repels if it doesn’t’. Trophies: Most unique!
  • Island Fun – Small Groups (4-5): Connection based creativity game. Sent to a strange island for a secret experiment. Everyone shares 3 Things they would take with them representative of who they are and why. After everyone’s shared, there’s a plot twist and they must come up with an Epic Hollywood Getaway to escape the island using ALL the objects they brought. Trophies: Most Epic Plans!
  • Alien Tiger Cow – Small Groups (4-5) – getting on same page by choosing one creature per round, in an attempt to be in group unison. Trophies: quickest groups.
  • Story Builders – Small Groups (2-4) - build a story 1 sentence at a time along with positive reinforcement. Title of story is given prior to starting (e.g ‘The most Epic Day!’) Trophies: Most creative stories
  • 5 Things – Small Groups (4-5): 2-3 Rounds. High energy/positivity game! Given a topic, teams compete saying the first 5 things that come to mind as quick as possible! 2 Rules: i) No wrong answers! ii) Group supports (ie. Cheer them on - 1! 2,!, 3!,etc). Fun topics (e.g 5 ice cream flavors that don’t exist but should, 5 things on your bucket list, 5 book titles I’d write to chg the world, etc). Trophies: First team done/best ones (polls)
  • Quintriplets – Small Groups (4-5): Come up with as many unique things in common as possible. Trophies: Most unique/highest amt!
  • Dubbed Movie – Small Groups (4) – team based game creating a ‘scene’ with half the members being the voices & other half the ‘actors’. Trophies: Best


  • Street Strangers/3 Noses/Partnesia Medley: Whole group - An interactive, powerful, experiential sequence where everyone goes from being strangers ‘on the street’ to best friends. Greetings, smiles, deep questions, and fun. The core of the entire experience! Trophies: Best greetings/enthusiasm.
  • Shapemakers – Small/Large Groups – create various objects as a group (e.g circle, diamond, elephant, car, iPhone, freedom!) Trophies: Best versions
  • Flock Dance – Small Groups (5) – End in style! Dance party in V formations with a rotating follow the leader! Trophies: Best moves

Choose Your Format

Choose your preferred format below for your PLAY & CONNECTION workshop. We accomodate teams of 10-250+


From $2500 1 Hour
  • Ideal for small-medium team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • Price Inclusive up to 50 people. +$30/person additional
  • Icebreakers + 3-5 Group Games + High Energy FINALE & Winners Ceremony
  • Contact us for a quote!**

Flagship RECESS!

From $4000* 2 Hours
  • Ideal for Medium- LARGE team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • Price Inclusive up to 50 people. + $40/person additional
  • Icebreakers + 5-7 Group Games + High Energy FINALE & Winners Ceremony
  • BEST VALUE! Contact for a quote!**

Half Day RECESS!

From $6000* 4 Hours
  • Ideal for LARGE team meetings, conferences or retreats
  • Price Inclusive up to 50 people. +$50/person additional
  • Icebreakers + 8-10 Group Games + High Energy FINALE & Winners Ceremony
  • Contact us for a quote!**

*Contact us for a full quote. Food not included.  Travel and convenience fees extra. +$10/person for paint splatter option. Discounts for startups, schools, social enterprises and non-profit; Lets chat to figure out your needs!
**Something else in mind? We have tons of other themes and custom programming also available.


Call us directly at (647) 233-2577 or fill out the form below!

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