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Give Yourself Permission to PLAY Again!

As adults, we often neglect play.

But play is SO important for our creativity, health and happiness.

Everyone needs a break from adulting.

Come Play!

What is FUNdamentals of Play?

When was the last time you played?

Play benefits everyone, kids and adults alike. It brings joy to our lives, relieves stress, stimulates creativity and improves relationships.

Fundamentals of Play hosts PLAYshops and PLAYevents that use play, positive psychology and art-based activities to open up your mind and help you find yourself again in the most fun way possible.

Whether you are looking to boost your creativity, reignite your passion or get out of your funk, Fundamentals of Play will help unleash your inner child so you can be in the best frame of mind to reclaim your life and begin to flourish!

A fun and safe space where you can be unapologetically YOU while reaching your full potential.

PLAYshop Events

Play. Connect. Grow

Let's get real: everyone gets tired of adulting!

Come make new friends, while improving your personal development & having a blast!


Life Coaching Program

Find Your F*cking Purpose!

Everyone can get stuck - in their careers, relationships, at home, in life.

The 'Third Life Revival' Coaching Program is an 8 week program specifically designed for those that hit a wall in their 30's.  8 weeks chock-full of fun, life transforming content & coaching.

As a tailored 1:1 program, you will leave with absolute clarity on your next steps to live a life full of joy & fulfillment. Maybe it's starting a new career or business or travelling the world!

If you're ready to get out of your rut, find your purpose & transform your life.... this is for you!

What They Are Saying...

"It's so refreshing to leave 'adulting' behind for a few hours and let loose and play! I left feeling so energized!"
- Elizabeth Owens
" I love the fact that Luis gives you permission to be a kid. I think  as adults, we've lost that permission. When you're in a place with other people where its safe to be a kid and have fun again, magic happens"
- Chadd Weston
"As a mindfulness instructor, I would highly recommend the Fundamentals of Play for an improved lifestyle. Luis relates the main principals in a way that allows people to relate and have fun!"
- Christine Wright
"It gets you out of your normal everyday bubble and allows you to go outside your comfort zone in a fun and positive way. Provides a different perspective on the things that are most important in life"
- Scott Alley

"PLAYshops have the ability to change lives. You will take the learnings wherever you go and will notice the difference as soon as you leave and beyond"

- Alejandro Serrano 

"I love the encouraging positive environment and the 'no-barriers' atmosphere Luis created!"
- Nicole Bauman

"What a great way to spend an evening during a stressful week. I know a fair bit about mindfulness and creating positivity - yet learned so much more! This forced me to relax, dig deep and let go of it all. I LOVE TO PLAY!"
- Krista Jayne

"Fun games, positive energy and a fantastic message! Go in open-minded and willing to will have a great time and leave feeling empowered!"
- Stephen Dallas
"Nice way to let loose for a night and came away with tips to improve my life. Gives the opportunity to interact with people without feeling self-concious"
- Mark Aiken
"This was a really fun and informative PLAYshop! The environment is welcoming and free of judgement. This was a welcome departure from day to day stressors and a refreshing perspective on having a positive mindset"
- Stacey Sukhina
"I really liked the message of gratefulness and mindfulness, the most important qualities needed for a happy existence and this Playshop really concentrates on both" 
- Maria Rozynska
"This was an opportunity to think outside the box, enjoy myself without feeling judged. It was a safe, fun space with a good take home message. 
- Martin Listur


"It is important for people to learn about positive psychology and how they can apply it to their lives and interactions with one another. Luis was a great instructor and leader. I highly recommend Fundamentals of Play"
- Jenna Leite
"Great opportunity to meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. Awesome time playing games that remind me of being a kid"
- Anonymous
"Great way to build confidence, make friends and overall have fun and perhaps discover something new about yourself"
- Carlos Diaz

"Fun and insightful, left with alot of positive energy"
- Joy Ghosh

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