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Third Life Revival

A Fun 8 Week Life Coaching Program to find your f*cking purpose

In Your 30's & Feel Like You've Hit a Wall?

You may be in a Third Life Crisis.

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Sound Familiar?

WTF am I doing with my life!? I thought I'd have my shit together by now! More specifically my...

  • CAREER: I no longer feel any passion/excitement for what once felt like a promising career. Worst part is...I have NO FRIGGIN IDEA what to do about it.
  • LOVE : I wonder when I will truly find love (like all my friends with 5 babies and 3 dogs seem to have). Shitty Tinder dates & failed relationships just don't cut it anymore.
  • HEALTH: My physical and mental health are both taking a beating. I'm constantly stressed, overtired, unmotivated and CRANKY AS SHIT.
  • SOCIAL: I feel disconnected and misaligned with my social circle and family. I'm craving something different from the same old shitty boring things!
  • MEANING: I lack fulfillment overall and barely want to get out of bed. I feel like I'm not really adding MY TRUE VALUE to this world.

Imagine Instead...


Waking Up Everyday Feeling Like...

I'm a badass SUPERSTAR that is happy, passionate and confident AF! I'm totally aligned now with my...

  • CAREER: I feel re-inspired & passionate again! I'm choosing what I love and am working towards a career that makes me feel alive!
  • LOVEI'm feeling da love!  I'm the person I want to be and am attracting only the right people into my life. The possibilities for love are REAL & EXCITING
  • HEALTHI feel joyful, vibrant and energized - both physically and mentally every. frikkin. day
  • SOCIAL: I spend my time doing what most inspires me, with the people that matter the most.
  • MEANING: I know what I stand for and what I want in life and am confidently working towards both. I can finally share my gifts with the world!

This is NOT a dream!

Basically We're Talking About Going...


From HERE...

 WTF Am I doing with my life...

  • Everything Sucks! Nothing in my life feels right but I don't know WTF to do about it!
  • I feel miserable and have minimal confidence. I see no real opportunities for myself.
  • Life has kicked my ass!  I feel HELPLESS & STUCK.


This is the Shiz*t!

  • I now know WAY more about myself, what I actually WANT IN LIFE and how to go get it.
  • I'm happier, more confident and am discovering a shit ton of NEW OPPORTUNITIES for myself
  • FREEDOM!! I now have a toolbox of resources to MAXIMIZE MY POTENTIAL

Because we believe you can make life-changing transformation....while still having FUN!


The Third Life Revival

Life Coaching Program


Life is too short to waste feeling bored, unmotivated & miserable during the prime years of your life! 

Learn EXACTLY what you need to do in order to find the happiness, purpose and fulfillment you deserve during your 30's!

Using play, coaching and scientific-based research and tools, you will:

  • Develop and implement the right mindset needed to take GIANT life-changing leaps forward.
  • Discover what you TRULY want in life and confidently work towards it.
  • Learn how to live in alignment with your core values and use them as guideposts to make new confident decisions.
  • Reconnect and leverage the passions, gifts and character that make you YOU.

This is an 8 week program with a dedicated life coach that has been in the dumps and knows what it takes to get out of it.

BOTTOM LINE: this program is for you if you want to:
- Finally figure out why everything feels OFF and what to do about it (even when you’ve already done everything you could)
- Get the tools necessary to find happiness, fulfillment & maximize your true potential
- Start to feel playful, alive, and more like who and how you want to BE.

What's Included

8 weekly structured 90 min coaching sessions* with:

» High Impact Life Changing Tools (backed by scientific based positive psychology)

» 1-1 Coaching and discussion to help apply to your real life situation 

» Fun 1-1 Games to elevate learning of concepts

» Takeaway HomePLAY (to apply concepts throughout week)

» Exclusive FB Group for true accountability & support (coach + others in the program) 

» Checkins and updates throughout the week

*All coaching sessions will be virtual unless in Toronto where live coaching is available.

The (Playful) Curriculum

Week 1

Mindset - Positive Emotions: How to bring more positivity into your life.

Week 2

Mindset - Negative Emotions: How to best handle negative emotions and develop a growth mindset.

Week 3

Curiosity: How to use curiosity as a tool to unlock more possibilities and joy in your life.

Week 4

Failure & BIG DREAMS: How to view failure in the proper light and go after your BIG DREAMS.

Week 5

Play/Flow: How to incorporate more joy & what actually matters to you into your life.

Week 6

Values and Vision: How to discover your core values & use them as guideposts for what you really want in life.

Week 7

Authentic Self: How to explore, accept and honour your unique quirks and character!

Week 8

Purpose and Meaning: How it all comes together into your purpose/self-fulfillment and how to apply the motivation to get there.

Meet Luis, Your (Revival) Guide

Because the best guides are the one's that have been there...

Luis Serrano - team building facilitator

After hitting his own Third-Life Crisis in 2015, (losing his job, fiance, and joy, among other things), Luis felt depressed, worthless, and alone – even after finding a “good” new job.  

Hiring a life coach, studying positive psychology, getting a puppy, and reconnecting to his passions helped Luis find himself again - able to be silly, laugh, play and see endless opportunities in front of him.

He now teaches hundreds of people to do the same through PLAYshop events, coaching, corporate events, online programs and speaking.  

Ready to invest in YOURSELF for once?

That’s 8 weeks chock-full of dedicated 1-1 coaching, fun life changing lessons & self-discovery, all based on  scientific methods that will help free you from your Third Life Crisis and get you to where you need to be.

It’s time to get the support you need to stay accountable to yourself and the life you really want!

You’ve been stuck in your rut long enough....



So you feel fully supported in kickstarting your THIRD LIFE REVIVAL, I’m offering a FREE 60 minute virtual coaching-call.

We’ll go over the things that are holding you back , how I can potentially support you and make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to START feeling better.


  • It's a first step to change! The first step is often the hardest and by taking action you are showing yourself you are ready to take back your life/happiness into your own hands
  • We'll have a chance to get to know each other and see if there is a potential fit for the program! Not every person or situation is right..but if you are..we can make some life-changing magic happen!
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