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Playful team

PLAY is so important for corporate teams

As we grow older we play less and less. When we join the workforce we enter a world where ‘hard work’ and ‘professionalism’ are themes we constantly hear. This unfortunately causes us to PLAY even less and we lose all of it’s benefits!

PLAY is important for all adults, however it could be argued that PLAY is even more important for adults on a corporate team!

Why PLAYFUL teams are the best!

Why is PLAY so important for corporate teams? Oh so glad you asked! When teams PLAY more, it:

– BOOSTS CREATIVITY 💡 – new & unique neurons fire in our brain creating new connections that wouldn’t connect otherwise. This creates unique and out of the box thoughts and ideas. Needless to say, PLAY is great for ideation, brainstorming and true innovation!
– ENHANCES LEARNING 📙 – we learn more, quicker and retain more information when play is involved. Think about it, if the learning is enjoyable and fun, our emotions are involved. Emotions make the learning an experience and people remember experiences. They then naturally connect the content with the experience ingraining the concepts for more effective learning.
– CREATES MORE HAPPY😀 – PLAY creates endorphins in our brain which boosts morale & leads to more joy and positivity. The more consistent this becomes, the more it creates workplace wellness & a positive team culture. It shows that the culture isn’t only about the results of the team but also the HOW of the results (how we get the results).In today’s day and age, quality team members value this strongly.
– FACILITATES DEEPER CONNECTIONS 🤝- PLAY allows us to relate to one another on a more human basis. Having fun, sharing emotions and learning about one another. This helps create deeper and more satisfying relationships with our clients, partners and most importantly to each other!


But the main reason that PLAY matters on corporate teams? It’s that how we show up in PLAY is how we show up in the world!

Meaning – the same traits or habits that we have on the job or within a team setting come out in well designed PLAY (or experience or game)! So it actually creates a safe (& fun!) space to have AHA! moments for both the individuals and the group at large.

What the Heck is an AHA moment?


AHA moments are really what any team should strive for in any learning or team building session. They are any of the following:

  1. Realizing something the team can do better and uncovering different ways to do it.
  2. Recognizing something the team is already great at and exploring new ways to apply it
  3. Discovering something the team needs to look into and explore in order to become even more of a kickass team!

More AHA moments = More KICKASS team!

Teams that have more frequent and consistent AHA moments are simply more KICKASS! They learn, constantly improve and separate themselves from the competition. These are the teams that THRIVE! They are the equivalent of an individual that values learning every day, knows the power of self development and is constantly improving.

Does your team experience enough PLAY or AHA moments? If not, what’s stopping them? Reach out if we can help!

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