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It can be a pretty damn scary word, don’t you think?

It can mean alot of not-so-good things to different people but lets look at the actual definition for a bit of help:

Def’n: lack of success; the omission of expected or required action or result

But who determines what success is? Who gets to determine what to do next with the ‘omission of expected or required action or result(s)’?

Spoiler Alert: it’s YOU!


Failure is One Tricky Piece of …..

The science behind Failure is fascinating. If you imagine failure as a person, imagine it as The Riddler (from Batman). Nobody really knows whats actually going on but he will convince you that it is all BAD. Then, once you’re vulnerable….. he’ll strike and get what he wants!

Failure distorts our perceptions, builds ‘fake stories’ in our brains and tends to change our future behaviour irrationally.

In other words…if we aren’t aware of how failure affects us….it HOLDS US BACK


But It’s Possible to Outwit Failure!

There are a few key tools & tactics to outwit failure. Alot of it has to do with awareness and mindset but I can promise you they are LIFE-CHANGING.

Failure is just INFORMATION for us to interpret and decide what to do with.

If you ever take an improv class, one of the main skills you learn is how to FAIL JOYFULLY! That is where the magic happens and you can only do so when you have the proper mindset around failing.

Bonuses: Failure drives innovation and successes…..98% of successful businesses are born out of some type of failure!


I’ve Failed. You Fail. We all Fail

I’ve failed. Tons. I use to beat myself up after an interview I didn’t get, or a botched project or whenever I didn’t take action when I knew I should’ve.

I don’t anymore. Instead I fail with a grin on my face and use my valuable new information for future action. And I now know that success will eventually follow! 😀



Play. Connect. Grow.

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