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Welcome to FUNdamentals of Play!

Where we use play, positive psychology and creativity to help individuals and teams flourish in the most fun way possible! If you don’t already know what FUNdamentals of Play is yet, find out here

OK everyone, this is my first official blog post and you have no idea how excited I am to start this journey and launch this community! I will always call it a community before a business because that’s what I’m here to build– a community of like-minded people who share a passion for fun and personal growth!

I want you to know that this is my baby…

FUNdamentals of Play has been my passion project for the last few years. It really has been my baby for the past little while.

Apart from everything you’ll find on the site, I started this for a few reasons:

  • I was inspired through my own experiences to help others
  • Life can sometimes be too serious. We live in a fast-paced society that tells us play is only for kids. I’m here to prove society wrong…we WILL have fun again!
  • I genuinely want to help people and teams that feel stuck in their lives…there is a way out! There is an optimal version of everyone and we have the right to discover it!
  • I love having fun and being silly, it makes me feel ALIVE! I want to help others feel it too.
  • Play for adults is a new trend –  just check out Adult Coloring Books, or Adult Sleepaway Camps or Adult Obstacle Courses with ball pits and all! But this trend is definitely here to stay. The world is just starting to realize the important role play can have for adults and I want to be a core ambassador for it!

This is going to be a huge journey…

For me and (hopefully) for you. I invite you all to become part of the community and join me on this epic adventure!

If you do, here are my promises:

  • I will always be real and honest. Vulnerability and authenticity are two things I teach in my PLAYshops. I promise to embody both
  • I’m ALL IN. I will always put the community first. I want to build a kickass community that knows how to have fun but is also growing individually and together.
  • I will always bring the FUN and the AWESOMESAUCE wherever I go

I’m looking forward to meeting all my community members, hear their stories and find out a bit more about why they want more play in their lives.

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