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I’ve heard curiosity is blamed for killing a cat or something… I call BS! This mythical cat likely died of boredom…curiosity has been framed!

2 Years ago I fell into a depression. During my soul searching and journey out of it, one of the key skills I re-learned was how to be curious again.

I started pursuing and exploring anything and everything that interested me. Not caring about where it would take me or what it would all mean or what others may think. I learned that following my curiosity would only bring me one of three things: joy, opportunities or further information about what I do/don’t like.

A great example is when my friend filmed my new puppy in slow motion. I became fascinated by the possibilities of these videos and I ended up filming him doing all the puppy things he does. I then started to combine music I love with them and creating new themes and ideas. After seeing how fun these videos were, I decided to create an Instagram account for him (@remixthehappyaussie, look him up!). Curious as to whether I could develop a following I began to learn ways to do so. I built up an audience of around 5k people in a matter of months! All of this made me so happy.

The point isn’t that I managed to get 5k followers. It’s that my curiosity of one simple video led me to learn about numerous different things (apps, instagram, editing,etc), got my creative juices flowing and brought me so much joy! I got to combine two things I love – music and my puppy into a fun, creative art project for myself. It also helped create momentum for other future projects (like FUNdamentals of Play!)

Curiosity is a skill (that we can all nurture) and is key for happiness, relationships, inspiration & innovation (to name a few). It is an important skill to master to fully be come our best selves.


Play. Connect. Grow.

Come explore curiosity this Sept 28th at 7pm at our Curious AF PLAYshop


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