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BIG Dreams Start Here!

Teams that dream BIG & BOLD, do BIG & BOLD things. Goes without saying, right? The most accomplished and innovative teams out there (Tesla, Apple, Airbnb, etc) consistently dream and accomplish BIG.

So why not YOUR team?

Well it can start with this powerful and simple tool. Simply gather your team and introduce them to the magical 3 words below. ✨

The 3 Most Powerful Words for Teams..

The 3 most powerful words for teams to create big dreams are:

  • What
  • If
  • We….

That’s it! Or Put Together….


It’s the start of powerful statements. BIG Dreams. Big Goals. Statements that move people. The get teams excited. That make things happen.

The ‘…….’ is important. Because it leaves it open. The end of the statements shouldn’t be dictated, implied or forced. Leave the possibilities open. That’s what makes this a powerful tool.

So once you’ve introduced the team to the powerful words. All you have to get them ready to come up with as many statements as possible that start with it. Literally. Spend a whole afternoon coming up with these statements. Let it cover a whole range of topics.

Don’t Hold Back!

Let the team have no holds barred. Covering any and all areas that affect the team. Don’t worry about how you get there. This is simply about what feels GOOD for the team.


  • What if we….. 4 x our Sales?
  • What if we…. become the #1 Customer Service provider?
  • What if we…. get current customers to triple their business?


  • What if we….. create 5 new awesome products/services the market has never seen?
  • What if we…. change our business model?


  • What if we…. reduce our costs by 75%?
  • What if we…. only work 30 hours/week without losing productivity?

Team Dynamics?

  • What if we….. were more connected? To each other? To other teams? To our customers?
  • What if we…..had more fun together?

Those are just some examples. Go with the (team’s) gut to create these. The team has the best pulse on what can and should be accomplished by the team moving forward. If more innovation is needed…they’ll know. Too much stress and not enough fun? They’ll know.

Gather up as many of these statements as you can that feel AWESOME for the team. Make sure the team is bought in. Not everyone needs to be in agreement with each but certainly the majority.


Now What!?

Once you have your beautiful list of BOLD Team Dreams, all you need to do is: Narrow down. Tactics. Revise. Go after!

  1. Narrow them down. Which are the most important? Achievable given resources, skills and timing? Choose the 3-5 the team feels strongest about. Use votes, discussions, whatever is needed.
  2. Brainstorm/figure out the tactics to get the BIG dreams happen. Revise the framing of the dream if necessary for focus. Set timelines, teams, tasks, etc. If it’s as important as everyone says it is, they’ll be excited to get going!
  3. Go out and make them happen (as a team!)

BOOM! Just like that you have some BOLD team dreams with a team that is salivating to go after them! Your Welcome! 😁

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