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Curiosity Didn’t Kill a Damn Thing!

I’ve heard curiosity is blamed for killing a cat or something… I call BS! This mythical cat likely died of boredom…curiosity has been framed! —————————————————————————– 2 Years ago I fell into a depression. During my soul searching and journey out of it, one of the key skills I re-learned was how to be curious again.…

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Kids As Our Role Models (When the Tables Turn)

I recently went to my (beautiful and amazing) nieces 4th Birthday Party. It was a perfect reminder/proof point for me of two things: We as adults can learn SO much from kids Play is transformative and amazing! It was ‘Frozen’ themed and was chock full of surprises (good job mom and dad:)) They made their…

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The Actual FUNdamentals of Play

So, you might be asking “What the heck are the  ‘FUNdamentals of Play?” Well glad you asked! They are the 10 foundational ‘rules’ that I base any and all of my PLAYshops and PLAYevents on.  Let me be clear – these are not the ‘eat your vegetable’ rules your parents gave you (I’ve always hated…

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