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Permission to PLAY Again!

North America's most impactful facilitators,

using the power of PLAY to teach modern-day business skills.



Some Teams We Have Played With!

NEW! Virtual Team Building Workshops:

With the unfortunate spread of COVID 19 around the world, organizations are quickly adapting to remote work plans and hosting virtual gatherings to help maintain communication, productivity, and team relationships.

FUNdamentals of Play has converted their unique, engaging, and interactive PLAYshops into virtual experiences. This will ensure we keep teams LEARNING, CONNECTING and PLAYING, even while apart! New: Holiday Themed PLAYshop!

What is FUNdamentals of Play?


Connect. Play. Grow.

Play benefits us all. It brings joy to our lives, relieves stress, stimulates creativity and improves relationships.

FUNdamentals of Play facilitates fun & engaging workshops that harness the power of PLAY to connect employees to concepts of workplace wellness. Using games, positive psychology and art, our PLAYshops help teams learn the skills that really matter!

We focus on the main factors that allow teams to thrive: positivity, teamwork and creativity. If your team is looking to connect, learn and play, our PLAYshops will help your team succeed in the most fun way possible!


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For Businesses

When Your Team Needs a Boost...

Looking for Team Building Activities in Toronto?

All teams need a chance to refocus and reconnect and there is no better way than through play.

Our Team Building PLAYshops will give your team an unforgettable & unique experience that will help boost its creativity, productivity and morale

Emotional Intelligence Corporate

For Individuals

If you find yourself stuck in a rut...

Everyone can get stuck - in their careers, relationships, at home, in life.

Join a Public PLAYshop event or our 1:1 'Third Life Revival' Coaching Program to help you break out of your rut, find joy and thrive again!

Why FUNdamentals of Play...



Overly stressed? Get up and PLAY! Free yourself from everyday stresses and let loose.  We ensure you leave PLAYshops feeling refreshed and liberated!



We use PLAY to grow individually and together. Through games, activities and discussions, team members gain insights about themselves & each other.  Discover your strengths, fuel your passion and let the authenticity shine through!



Countless 'AH-HA' moments await!  Through PLAY, we make reflection, self-awareness and leaving your comfort zone FUN!  Key takeaways enable the team to unleash their true potential!

About Me

I’m Luis Serrano - founder and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of FUNdamentals of Play.

I’m obsessed with play and helping others break out of their ruts. I am living proof of the HUGE benefits play and positive psychology can have in your life.

My superpower is helping others reveal their true #AWESOME selves and unleashing all that awesomeness back out into the world.

I’m here to help you play again.


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